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Infrastructure diagnostic and maintenance


  • Evaluate the durability of structures subjected to deterioratio.
  • Propose solutions for field monitoring and repair work.

Research and experimental programmes

These studies are intended to combine physicochemical/material characteristics with mechanical/structural problem situations; they rely on experimental campaigns (accelerated ageing tests) as well as on modelling advances, with results validated subsequent to comparisons with data derived from experiments carried out on actual structures.

Under this topic, priority research headings consider structural reinforcement by means of bonded composites, deterioration related to both concrete (the internal sulphate reaction) and steels (corrosion), sensor development.

Anticipated applications

  • Production of test methodologies for characterising bonded interfaces and developping non-destructive control of bonded joints and integration of the durability feature into pertinent guidelines.
  • Recommendations for preventing disorders due to the delayed ettringite formation.
  • Creation of a set of predictive tools for supervising damaged structures.
  • Generation of structural treatment and repair techniques.